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       "Im from San Bernardino."

                    is rarely ever said with pride.


 I always thought that you had to wait until you were rich and successful to initiate any type of organization or to make any outstanding changes in the world. Volunteering has always been a large part of my life, and I thought that until I graduated college, that's as deep as my involvement could go. I always knew that I wanted to run an organization aimed at dealing with issues of poverty, I just never knew how any of that worked.


While working with high schoolers, I learned that young adults are often kept in the shadows of the stuff that directly affects them. It is such a waste of time to attempt to create long-term solutions for problems without taking teens into consideration. So many "grown ups" love to say that that this next generation is basically going to destroy the entire universe because they can never get off of their phones. But I've seen the youth of this city do amazing things. Despite the stereotypes that surround them. I have seen some of the poorest individuals be super excited to help the homeless, I've seen them stand up for eachother against injustice, and I've seen them reach out to each other in time of tragedy. 


So why not give them a chance to shape the world that they have to inherit?


We at Sinderblocks want to give a voice to young adults. We want to give them the education that they need to be active participants in any community that they ever belong to. We want to empower them to take a stand against injustice. Only this way can we begin to get rid of the problems that plague this nation. We can teach them to live within their means, to keep their bodies and their minds healthy, and to seek knowledge.


One of my main goals is to rehabilitate the homeless and help them participate in our community, but I also want to be able to provide real-world education to the teens of the city, lower the population of homeless pets, create a community garden, create jobs within the city..



I don’t know, person reading.. There’s a lot of battles to fight out there. I'd be lying if I told you that I 100% know what I'm doing as the leader of this organization. But if 3 Youtubers, an English teacher, and Instagram can motivate me enough to want to save the world, think about what we can accomplish if we put our words into practice. 



 We're not waiting to make a change because we are capable NOW. 

There I am, Gary, there I am!

This was my 21st birthday. A group of volunteers and I gave gifts to the homeles in order to direct them towards a newly opened homeless access center in San Bernardino. #BestBirthdayEVER

I realized while I was making this website that I could do whatever I wanted..& when Sindy goes mad with power, Kiwis happen. Enjoy.

I love answering questions..send me an e-mail! 


And here we are again on my 22nd birthday!

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