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When first founded, Sinderblocks was about opening the eyes of the youth in order to help the homeless in our city, but since then our mission has evolved.





What we want to do:



We want to fix the institutions in our city from the inside-out through the unification and education of youth. We want to focus on:


              The city animal shelter


We want to make the city shelter much more appealing to the public by making it safer and more accessible. It is constantly at full capacity and dozens of lives are in danger every month. Sinderblocks wants to make it easier for adolescents to spend time volunteering and playing with animals. This city is boring, and because of this teens usually find entertainment in drugs, alcohol and crime. Giving them this purpose would not only make the lives of these animals better, it would also give youth something productive to do. We also want to launch a campaign to remove the stigma of shelter pets, and one to encourage the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs


                                                                                        The homeless sector


We’re not blind, we know that a certain number of people who are homeless are choosing to be that way. But the majority are faced with addiction and mental illnesses. Others made risky business decisions that made them lose all they had.. others had to endure expensive medical procedures that they couldn’t afford. It doesn’t take much to end up out here. The least that we want to do is teach our community to treat these people as human.

Sinderblocks works closely with the police department’s homeless advocate team to determine the best course of action for the projects that involve the aid of the homeless. Instead of shooing these people to another part of the city, we want to be able to offer them services which would enable them to become active members of society. In the long run we would like to open a shelter that offers rehab services, shelter for abused men, women, and children, mental health treatment, career training, and all kinds'a cool stuff like that. 


Preventing homelessness/ poverty/economics:


  money management education

Most people around here grow up facing some level of poverty. Once they get a taste of comfortable money, they spend it frivolously. No investments are made, no property is bought, but a lot of parties are thrown. This fuels addiction to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Managing personal finance is they key to become fiscally richer as a city. There’s money expert people right? We want some of those here.



encourage local business

Local restaurants, stores, and services are depleting. Sinderblocks wants to have monthly “meet ups” at different restaurants to bring attention to small businesses that are over-shadowed by corporate establishments. This will build a sense of community and will help encourage citizens to shop locally. This would assist the creation of jobs and the healing of our economy. 

Real-world education for teens

The educational system here puts a lot of our students in a very vulnerable state of mind. The lack of rigor makes our students less competitive candidates when it comes to college acceptance and job placement. Sinderblocks wants to give interested kids an advantage for when they leave high school. These classes will teach young adults how to change a tire, how to cook healthy meals, how loans work, about their rights, and all of that stuff that you just kind of have to figure out once you realize you’ve grown up. This will also be the place where we discuss current events, host seminars, and learn our roles in this community. This is also where we expose all of that corruptness. The goal here is to get the students and their parents to put more value in the educational system and put more pressure on the school district to better serve the minds of our students.


Community enrichment:


Health awareness

Kids here don’t “have breakfast”, they buy hot-cheetos and soda and eat all of that during the first hour of their day. There are convenience stores on every corner supplying  the entire community with unhealthy food. Mental health isn’t discussed around here, so many that face mental illnesses don't know that they have them, and they don’t know how to deal with them. There is also a very heavy stigma on mental illnesses in this community that originates from it not being understood. I’ve seen plenty of parents who won't afford their child the counseling services that they need  because they don’t believe that the illness is actually affecting them. Other times they simply can't pay for these things. Sinderblocks wants to work on erasing this stigma, and work within the school system to provide healthy and appealing meals to students.. why eat cardboard when there is a Burger King a block down, y’know. 

Farmers markets

This is an extension of health awareness. Inviting farmers to sell their crops to us will help us be a healthier community. This may also aid the homeless and poverty efforts since farmers may be more inclined to donate their not-too-fresh foods as opposed to grocery stores. 

Mentoring programs

Growing up in a city like this can give you a negative taste of reality. Young kids are used to the violence and the hate in which they are submerged. Troubled children grow up to be troubled adults. Sinderblocks wants to spend time with these kids and show them the possibilities that exist in, and outside of this community. With proper clearance and conditions, this could also be a way for adolescents to participate in their community. Being able to spend recess with a troubled kid could create a positive impact on both ends, and will be preparing the new generation to lead positive lives.

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