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Our Mission revolves around long-term changes for San Bernardino, that is why we are proud to announce that we can finally begin to provide education to the youth of San Bernardino that will directly improve how prepared they are to face life once they enter the "real world".


This month, our little ones will learn about the importance of credit from credit expert, Paul Distefano. 


All are welcome to come learn about what exactly credit is, what it is used for, what affects it, and tips and tricks on how YOU can set yourself up to have your dream home, car, and much more!


A FREE course that will save you THOUSANDS of dollars, provide snacks, AND earn you community service hours just for learning??? 


We will see you there!

Please register for this event as space is limited. 

October 26th 2016 

3:00Pm at

San Bernardino High School 

Classroom B-204

Thanks for joining us!

Whether it be a big or little project, we always have SOMETHING goin on! 


Giving thanks isn't only for the holidays! Every day there are people around you who help you in little and in big ways. We are looking to make big changes in our community, but we believe that those changes cannot happen unless we are united as a people and learn to recognize the value in eachother. 

                Here's how #SbSmiles works:

          1. Pick a few (or a lot) of people who have played an                           important role in your life. 

                                             Teachers, friends, family, mailman.

                 and write them a"Thank You" note. 

                         2. Include a "Tag Card".

                      (Download and print here:)

             These are instructions on how to spread

                            this little movement.

            3. SHARE the cards you get with the hashtag                                 #SbSmiles on social media. 

    Throw "thanks" around like confetti! Make some people               smile & let's see how far we can get this to go!

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